Darmasiswa RI Program is a student exchange scholarship program provided by the ministry of education and culture of the Republic of Indonesia which have been joined by more than 75 countries that have diplomatic relations with Indonesia. The purpose of this program is to introduce the language, culture and arts of Indonesia in the international arena. In addition, Darmasiswa RI is aimed at strengthening relationships and improving knowledge among participating countries. This program is very helpful in the global competition era, excellence and competitiveness of a country is determined by the extent of toughness in the mastery of science and technology, in addition to the resources owned by both the human resources and natural resources, as well as the excellence of its civilization. Scholarships of Darmasiswa RI can be used as a springboard for students to further explore themselves and their skills in the new place or country so that students can develop and be open-minded about the knowledge and culture of other countries.

With the growing interest and students’ perceptions of the importance of international knowledge gained through international student exchange, the focus in this regard is increased up to the importance of the recognition process of the study. By doing so, the results of Darmasiswa is expected to incite further exploration of their study upon returning to their homeland.

With this regard, UPGRIS International Affair Office assists the university in terms of, the maintenance extension of study permit, residence permit for foreign students. IO UPGRIS will also assist the maintenance procedures and operational departures of students who will leave the country including facilitating the students visa extension process. IO UPGRIS is also helped by the office of Indonesian Language for Foreign Students (BIPA/Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing) that will help foreign students to study the Indonesian language and Indonesian culture.

UPGRIS has been conducting Darmasiswa RI program since 2007 and participated  by 35 students from 12 different countries (Hungary, Russia, Czech, Slovakia, South Africa, Papua New Guina, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China, South Korea, and Japan)

There are two kinds of material that Darmasiswa students gets, namely :

  1. Core Material
    The Core Material is designed to enable the students to speak, write, listen, and read in Indonesian language, and to enable the students to have a good knowledge on Indonesian language phonetic, spelling and grammar, Indonesian culture, and ethnography of communication, , and issues in contemporary Indonesia (education and social issues, religious life in Indonesia, etc .), adjusted to the level of the learners.
  2. Additional material
    Additional materials is designed to enable the students to have skills on crafting, playing musical instrument, etc.

Indonesian Arts and Culture materials include traditional crafts (such as bamboo and coconut shell crafts), traditional musical instruments (gamelan),makeup and traditional dress, traditional dances, traditional food, medicine / herbal medicine, and shadow puppets, etc

There are two kinds of teaching and learning activities, namely indoor and outdoor activities which cover:

  • regular lectures;
  • campus tours/excursions;
  • city tour by using public transportation;
  • Semarang schools visits;
  • hospital and traditional health care visits (masseurs, making herbal medicine, etc.);
  • church, mosque and temple visits;
  • museums and historical sites visits;
  • government agencies visits;
  • local traditional markets visits
  • cooking class and art workshop visits