International Affairs Office Upgris

International Affairs Office (IO) of UPGRIS is an institution established specifically to address global challenge demanding UPGRIS to be qualified university equal to other international universities with extensive networks and strong partnerships. The sphere of our work is designing and implementing programs relating to the internationalization of the university and partnership activities aimed at accelerating the ideals UPGRIS to become a World Class University.
Role and Functions of the Office of International Affairs
UPGRIS Office of International Affairs handles students exchange and lecturers, collaboration for training, research, sandwich programs, guest lecturers from overseas and public lectures of professors from abroad. The program is in line with the implementation of academic and non-academic activity that conducted in UPGRIS.
IO of UPGRIS handle programs of agreements (exchange students, scholarships program, sandwich courses, etc.), selection a partner in the realization of the agreement and the program agreed. In addition, IO of UPGRIS programs are oriented at promoting the university to be known internationally, the establishment of foreign student alumnus association is also a role of IO UPGRIS. IO programs are also design to improve joint the research, information distribution on scholarship and research cooperation.
The Work program
Basically IO program conducted to support the rector’s program to internationalizing The University of PGRI Semarang, such as:
1. Improving the quality of the governance in the development and implementation of international programs
2. Improving the promotion of the University of PGRI Semarang in international arena
3. Improving the awareness and participation of PGRI Semarang University academic community in the effort to internationalize the University PGRI Semarang
4. Enhancing cooperation programs with international institutions in the field of education, research and community service.
5. Increasing the number of foreign students at the University of PGRI Semarang.