Vision and Mission of International Office Universitas PGRI Semarang


Improving the reputation and strengthen cooperation in partnerships of the university to be a qualified university in international standard with extensive networks and strong partnerships.








  1. To take active roles in the activities of internationalization of the institution involving all units within the University PGRI Semarang, as the initiator, planner, facilitator, and the implementer of the programs;
  2. To improve the quality of the governance in the development and implementation of both national and international programs;
  3. To organize services to educators, education staff and university students for overseas studies, exchange programs with overseas institutions, and international seminars and conferences, etc;
  4. To develop network on international cooperation between the University of PGRI Semarang with educational or non-educational institutions both local and abroad;
  5. To conduct development program covering the development of academic or non academic programs research, community service, human resources and university management system in an international perspective;
  6. To conduct the university promotional activities both in Indonesia and abroad;
  7. To organize services for foreign students and visiting lecturers studying and lecturing at UPGRIS;
  8. To increase the number of foreign students studying at UPGRIS.